Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shout Out to My Mamas!

This Mommy's Mind...

...thinks it's time to lighten the mood for a bit and give a shout out to a terrific group of women.

WNC Mountain Mamas

   This is a local group of moms (and kids!) who were once part of a larger, nationwide group. But we felt restricted, not free to speak our minds. So we broke off and started our own group, the WNC (Western North Carolina, for those of yuns not from 'round here) Mountain Mamas, a unique local group, for unique local moms. We have mamas from all walks of life: single mamas, mamas with grown-up kids, working mamas, stay-at-home mamas, student mamas, even single-working-student mamas. Even a bipolar mama. We take all kinds.

A Unique Bond

   The great thing about this group is that it IS local. We have weekly meet-ups, play dates and group events. That means the lovely ladies you talk to online you actually can meet in the flesh. They have similar stories to share, know the places you're talking about and have had similar experiences. It's a bond you simply can't get over the computer alone.

Love, Support, Friendship

   And I can tell you, the bond is tight with this group. Even if they've never met you, these mama's are fiercely loyal and will give you the shirt off their backs when you are in need. I've been hospitalized twice and been out of commission from major dental surgery and each time this group has come through for me. Cooking meals, running errands, watching Punkin' Butt, helping The Bearded One with taxes. These mamas have gone above and beyond the call of duty and I am forever grateful for their support. These are lifelong friends that I will cherish always and I can never thank them enough for all that they have done and continue to do. Thank you, mamas!

How to Join

   If you live in the Asheville, NC area and would like to see what all the fuss is about, click here to go to the site. Once there, click the "Join the Forums" link and jump right in!

But I Live (Insert Random Location)!!

   Then start your own group! Our first group started with just a handful of women and grew to over 200 members; not all active all the time, but there nonetheless. Our second group started with just a handful from the first group and now, as we approach our one year anniversary (yay!), we have over 130 members. Our forum is set up through Proboards, and with a few friends, a little computer savvy and word of mouth advertising, you too can create a place for your local mamas to come find love, support and friendship.

   Because, let's face it: being a mom is H-A-R-D. And who couldn't use a little more support and friendship?

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  1. I agree. they are the most wonderful mommies ive ever met